Recently I came to know about an initiative taken up by Punjab Food Authority for its officers in the field. They will be wearing body-worn cameras on their uniform which will record video and sound in the first-person view of all the activities they conduct. In my point of view, this is a very good decision taken up by the Director-General Punjab Food Authority Mr Irfan Nawaz Memon and Chairman Mr Umer Tanveer Butt. The body-worn camera will be placed under the collars of field officers. It will record video and sound of all the activities conducted by them like raids and routine checking of restaurants and food points. This will benefit the department in two ways. The first benefit of these cameras will be that the officers will be vigilant and will not indulge in any corrupt or unethical activity while on duty as they

know that everything is being recorded. Another benefit is that all their raids and checkups will be recorded and hence that data can later be used as proof against the people involved in fraudulent activities. I think initiatives like this one should be appreciated by the people and so that the government takes more initiatives of the sort. This can prove to be very beneficial in the long run as the data collected through routine raids and other activities of field officers can later be used as training material for new recruits. This data can also be used to make precedents and also to create awareness in the people regarding food safety and many other things. These cameras can also be used as an additional measure for keeping the field officers in check.