LAHORE-Constructors Association of Pakistan (CAP) in collaboration with the Federation of Contractors Punjab has decided to launch a coordinated movement to ensure a solution to the problems being faced by the construction sector in Punjab and Pakistan. CAP Chairman Engr. Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah announced this at a reception given in honour of outgoing Chairman Asad Ullah Khan and other members of the body here the other day. He said that he will be focusing on a few issues instead of working on a host of the list. He said his focus will remain to be on getting registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) easier both for registration and renewal. Likewise, it is unnecessary to get a license from other government departments when once any firm or contractor had a license from the PEC. It is both wastage of time and resources as the contractors have to run from pillar to the post for getting licenses or renewals thus having less time for the marketing or the projects. He said that they would raise voice for reducing the number of engineers in any project at least by 50 per cent.

 He said that when a company or firm has worked only then it should hire the services of an engineer. He said that in provinces a firm should have a license from the C&W department only and condition of getting licenses from other departments should be abolished. Engr. Syed Ashfaq Hussain further said that they would wage a movement to press the government making it compulsory that the foreign companies while working in Pakistan should have local partners with at least 30 per cent shares. Similarly, he said that the government should consider insurance bond as a performance guarantee. He also called upon the engineers and constructors to create unity among their ranks as only unity can lead to triumph in their demands. The event was also attended by Engr. Kamal Nasir Khan, Engr. Sikandar Khattak, Engr. Arshad Dad Khan, Chaudhry Habib Kanwal and various other prominent personalities attached with the construction sector.