LAHORE   -   The Twitter community had a field day mocking and ridiculing Indian media after established media outlets across the border peddled fake news about an imaginary civil war in Karachi. Perhaps getting a little carried away by the events in Pakistan’s biggest port city, Indian media manufactured an entire civil war complete with pitched gunbattles between rival forces, bombings and an imaginary area in Karachi called, quite ridiculously, ‘Gulshan-e-Bagh’ (the two words mean the same thing in Urdu, like ‘naan bread’ and ‘chai tea’). Established Indian news channel CNN News 18 claimed that the army had taken over all police stations in Karachi. One former Indian major and a member of India’s ruling party claimed that “10 civilians were killed”.  Pakistanis got over the initial surprise of apparently being in the middle of a civil war they knew nothing about, many slammed Indian Twitter users and media for spreading fake news and attempting to create divisions.  Lawyer and activist Reema Omer called out Times Now for passing off “sensationalist fiction” as news. Bina Shah, a writer and New York Times columnist, commented that she had just returned from doing her groceries and “couldn’t find” the civil war.