Life, as we see through screens, has changed its course completely. We believe the account of screens more than anything else. Not a single entity in today’s era can free itself from the contemporary trend of screens. But their infiltration has side effects as well as paybacks. One can not ignore both.

The smart approach is to reap the benefits by avoiding its side effects. Use of technology has become imperative not only at the individualistic level but also at the organizational level. The trend which started from developed states’ organizations is now reaching to underdeveloped states also. The situation in Pakistan is no different.

Pakistan, despite being an underdeveloped state, has always preferred modern technology for better and smooth functionality. Pakistan’s most populous province Punjab has adapted to modern and advanced technology. For example, recently the food regulatory authority in the province; Punjab Food Authority has launched the body-worn camera project. Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar and the Chairman Punjab Food Authority Umer Tanveer Butt inaugurated the body-worn camera project for food safety officers on “World Food Day”. Now the food safety officers who do on-field inspections will wear body cameras while on the field. This camera recording will not only brace the surveillance strategies but also an impressive tool to maintain proofs and record. Now that’s what you call the right use of technology and screens. Technology when used for such causes, only then it serves the right purpose of its invention. Instead of criticizing technological advancement, we must look for ways to utilize it in a manner that benefits us and only benefits us. Screen your world but only when it benefits you somehow.