ISLAMABAD    -   Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz has said that the economy is moving towards stability with increasing exports.

Addressing a news conference here on Wednesday, the information minister said that the government is fully cognizant of the prevailing inflation in the country and all possible measures are being taken to bring down the prices of essential commodities.

He said that despite all hurdles, economic indicators are showing improvement due to the prudent policies of the government. He said exports are increasing, construction material is showing record sale, all the mills in Faisalabad are running with full capacity, while business activities are returning to normalcy. 

He also said it is unfortunate that the opposition is trying to mislead the people of Pakistan but it will not succeed in its nefarious designs.

Shibli Faraz said that the opposition tried to politicize the Karachi incident and today Indian TV channels are showing pictures of opposition leaders in this regard.

He said the opposition is busy in having confrontation among state institutions and they want to create uncertainty and chaos in the country to deflect attention from their corruption cases.

The minister further said that it is imperative to take corruption cases to their logical conclusion to save future of Pakistan’s coming generations.

Highlighting the positive indicators of national economy, the minister said that business activities are mounting in the country with each passing day. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan is working hard to strengthen the country, he said.

Commenting on the opposition alliance, the federal minister said that these elements have robbed the country and are now befooling the public with their twisted narrative.

He said people cannot forget corruption of these people who shifted national assets abroad and used to visit the country for power.

These corrupt elements use to talk about poor people of Pakistan sitting in luxurious vehicles and AC rooms, said the information minister.

He also said that people of Pakistan will take revenge from these corrupt elements. 

The information minister said that the opposition is towing the agenda of the enemies of Pakistan as their news and pictures are being aired at Indian channels.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had pointed out two years back that all these thieves will get united.

Billions of rupees are being found from bank accounts of the employees of Shahbaz Sharif, said Senator Shibli Faraz.

He said that these corrupt elements will be taken to logical end for future of our generations, he said.

He said that entire politics of opposition politicians revolves around their vested interests.

Maryam Nawaz assuming herself as Benazir Bhutto, said Senator Shibli Faraz adding that Benazir Bhutto was an educated lady.

These corrupt elements in the disguise of democracy had done their businesses, said the information minister.

He also said that national airline PIA was running in losses while their private airline was moving in profits during their governance. He said that these people used to consider Sindh as their private land.

He also said Bilawal Bhutto is delivering speeches and inviting public to support them. He also added that Bilawal is getting closer to those who used every mean tactic against his elders.