ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan People’s Party yesterday claimed the Pakistan Democratic Movement rallies had left the federal government trembling. Speaking at a news conference here, PPP leaders Dr Nafisa Shah and Palwasha Khan said the federal government was nervous due to the PDM popularity. Nafisa Shah said the PPP wanted all the government functionaries to work according to the guidelines given by the father of nations in his address to the government servants. She said the Sindh police protested over an unconstitutional order by the regime and registered their silent protest by applying for leave. After the army chief’s order of an inquiry they deferred their protest for ten days.  “In this entire episode, the visionary chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari played a very positive role and averted the crisis looming over the country. The PPP will give its reaction after the inquiry is complete,” she added. Palwasha Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was totally silent over the whole incident while his ministers were holding press conferences. 

“The two big ones talked on phone while the PM remained hiding in his dressing room. The PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) members tried the whole day to pressurize police officers to register a case because they got fright of their lives to see the mammoth public gathering of PDM in Karachi which was the biggest in the history of the city,” she said. 

Palwasha Khan Shah said that the person who had mentioned grandmother in his speech is now calling his own grandmother for help. 

She said Imran Khan was the person who was praying for Narandra Modi’s success in the Indian elections. “Imran Khan was the person who had incited people for civil disobedience. Imran Khan is the person who ridiculed the Pakistani army in India and the United States,” she added. 

She said that the country was in auto-pilot mode because the prime minister does not have the capability to run the country. “The sooner Imran Khan steps down is better for the country and its people,” she maintained.