ISLAMABAD-The Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) is conducting the second phase of their capacity building trainings for UNESCO’s project “Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Punjab through Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth”. This series is divided into three themes. The first part of the workshop series was conducted from 13-16th October that focused on Understanding Integrated System Management Plans (ISMP), Cultural Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Management and Community and Cultural Heritage. The second phase, however focuses more on specific ISMP, Field Training. Management Framework and International Guidelines and Policies. The training will be held at IAC from 21st October till 23rd October, 2020. The aim of this module is to develop a sustainable and integrated system management plan to enhance the conservation and tourism of the GurdwaraRohri Sahib, District Gujranwala and GurdwaraSachaSauda Sahib, Shiekhupura.