Karach i-   Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday said that the provincial government would not enter into talks with the Centre until Pakistan Islands Development Authority Ordinance, 2020 was withdrawn.

Addressing on a resolution against the Ordinance on floor of Sindh Assembly, Murad termed it ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘against’ integrity of Sindh. “The President can issue an ordinance but cannot do it unconstitutionally as they (representatives of Federal Government) didn’t even know the names of islands,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that the Federal Government had earlier approached them and told the Centre wanted to develop the islands. “The Federal Government was told that the islands could be made available on condition that the rights of local community and fishermen would be safeguarded,” he said while making it clear that the provincial government didn’t issue non-objection certificate.

Murad said that after issuance of Pakistan Islands Development Authority Ordinance 2020 on 2nd September, the provincial cabinet meeting was called and the centre was informed that the ordinance was not acceptable as ‘the islands are properties of people of Sindh’. Responding to the Federal Minister’s remarks that the Centre was not taking the islands to Islamabad, the Chief Minister said, “Take it (islands) to Islamabad if you have courage to take even an inch of Sindh.” The Chief Minister vowed that he would never go against interest of the province.

Coming down hard on the centre, he said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf -led Federal Government never let any opportunity for making injustice with Sindh. “They (PTI) are not capable (of running the country’s affairs). It happened for the first time in Pakistan’s history that the Federal Government didn’t increase provinces’ share in the National Finance Commission,” Murad said and added that Sindh government received Rs 65 billion lesser than its share in first three months of this fiscal year.

Speaking on the arrest of PML-N leader Captain (retd) Safdar Awan, the Chief Minister said that Safdar was nabbed in uncivilized manner as well as the police was also disrespected. “We stand besides our police and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari directed to expose the elements behind that,” he added.

The resolution was moved by PPP member Mahmood Alam Jamoth said that the President had promulgated the ordinance in ‘sheer and utter’ violation of the Constitution of Pakistan.

“The ordinance was promulgated in an unlawful manner and in violation of Article 97 of the Constitution to give unauthorized and unlawful control as well as ownership of Bundal and Buddo Islands to the Federal Government which exclusively belong to the Province of Sindh. All islands along the coast of province are the exclusive property of the respective Provincial Government in view of the provisions of Article 172 of the Constitution,” the resolution read.

It added that the people of Sindh could not allow any violation of the constitution as well as usurpation of rights over the ownership of Bundal and Buddo Islands or any other right or property of the province of Sindh.

The provincial assembly of Sindh resolves and recommends to the provincial government to take all possible steps to protect the boundaries and property of Sindh and demands the Federal Government to immediately advise the President to withdraw the Ordinance forthwith,” the unanimously passed resolution demanded.