KANDHKOT   -   Activists of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union took out a rally against privatisation of Wapda here on Wednesday.

The rally was started from Wapda office while ended at Pakiza Shadi hall where protesters were holding play cards and banners in their hands and inscribed slogans against possible privatisation of distribution companies of Wapda. On the occasion, the union leaders including divisional chairman Asghar Ali Bijrani, Babu Younis Malik, Rasheed Ahmed Shah, Mohammad Ishaque and others told to newsmen that the privatisation of Wapda and other generation and distribution companies were unjustified and also against the constitutional right of employees.They alleged that the previous Federal Government had planned to private Wapda under the oppression from World bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) but the workers from All Wapda electric union wouldn’t allow to do this since national institutions were the backbone of the country in this connection they were struggling for the survival of these institutes. They lamented if these national institutions would be handed over to favorites in the grab of privatisation they would be rendered jobless and couldn’t feed their families. They demanded from Prime Minister of Pakistan, Wapda minister and other high ups to stop the process of privatisation immediately, otherwise protest would be prolonged. Finally they were dispersed peacefully.