One wished Mr. Zardari had the habit of reading daily newspapers. He would have known that his own province, Sindh, is in a state of bankruptcy and has to seek aid from the US AID's Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Programme for getting funds to even update its website. Clearly Mr. Zardari has not seen the papers of 7th September. The otherwise pauper ministries of Sindh have put in half a dozen quarter page ads in half a dozen newspapers costing about half a crore rupees of the taxpayers' money. These congratulatory ads may create some cheap self-projection for these ministers through cheapening of the Bhutto name, but they are an utter misuse of state resources. I wonder if Mr Zardari would be so kind to the taxpayer as to order all these ministers to refund the amount spent on these advertisements from their personal funds. This may finally put to an end to the unethical tradition of state functionaries advertising themselves or celebrating their departmental anniversaries by taking out ads and supplements at the taxpayers' expense. -NAEEM SADIQ, via e-mail, September 7.