THE death and destruction, which an explosive-laden vehicle caused as it rammed into Islamabad's Marriott Hotel on Saturday barely an hour after iftar, has jolted the nation once again to a devastating evil that has come to accost the country with deadlier effect and greater frequency. With flames that stubbornly refused to die until they had claimed the lives of 60 persons including that of the Czech Ambassador to Pakistan, wounded another 260, left the five-star hotel virtually all in a rubble and shaken the entire country, one can no longer pretend that the War On Terror is an alien exercise. Its arena next door, our full-scale collaboration in it, its indiscriminate conduct by the US and allied forces that tends to brutalise the ordinary, innocent Afghans and its fall-out on their co-ethics in the FATA - the sequence of developments has brought the scourge to our doorstep: if it had started as an American war, the events have trapped us in it also. While it is pointless to look up to the indoctrinated militants to show human feelings, the pity is that they could penetrate into the capital's high security zone with such ease on the day of President's address to the joint sitting of parliament when the security should have been extremely tight. But what else one could expect if Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik had boasted only two days before that the terrorist activity had been put to an end. He should now be tendering his resignation with good grace. If he does not do it voluntarily the PM should ask him to quit. The bloody incident was a massive security failure; a truck carrying 1,000kg of explosives should have been detected at a point of entry into Islamabad rather than allowed to freely reach a spot deep inside of it. It is such poor understanding of the basics of security that are exploited by the enemy. Before we could blame RAW, KHAD and CIA for it, we had better check nuts and bolts. There is, therefore, dire need for training of our security personnel in latest techniques and make equipment that could detect explosive devices available to them. The best option for the government would be to devise a coherent policy and take different political forces on board. The religion's clear verdict against suicide and in favour of the sanctity of life must be widely propagated. Besides, the relevance of Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam's message of pluralism, under which no group enjoys the veto power over another, and its relevance in the modern context have to be brought home to the misguided lot.