Asif Ali Zardari has been elected as President Of Pakistan by a majority vote. He is now the symbol of our federation and cannot be allowed to advocate party politics, nor act as a representative of the Sindh province alone. We hope he will review the appointment of incompetent cronies to various semi-autonomous corporations like PIA, which has just declared a record loss of Rs 18 billions for the last 6 months period, from Jan to June 2008. He cannot afford to carry the load of such unwanted baggage, especially when the individual concerned has a history of being involved in controversies. Pakistan today faces a myriad of problems, which have to be tackled collectively by the nation. Our economy is in shambles due to mismanagement, corruption, pilferage and lack of merit in every walk of life. Our establishment is dominated by mediocrities courtesy political appointments by successive civil and khaki regimes. Pakistan's meager financial resources need to be channeled carefully to give relief to the people, improve our human resources by investing in education, health and strict adherence to merit. -IRFAN BUTT, Manchester, UK, via e-mail, September 8.