An email is currently doing the rounds on the internet according to which two Qadiani persons of prominence have been murdered after an anchorperson in his famous religious TV programme on September 7 declared that the Qadianis commit blasphemy as a community and as such are Wajab ul Qatl (worthy of death). It is rather sad that a scholar of his eminence is being considered the cause of such deaths. Though I am quite mindful of my inadequacy in religious matters, please allow me to draw the attention of your learned readers to one basis fact, which we all tend to ignore in our religious thought process; no follower of any Prophet considers anyone coming after his Prophet to be a true Prophet of God, but accepts all Prophets that passed before his. The Jews crucified Jesus because for them, Moses was the last Prophet of God and none could come after him. Christians do not believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who came after Jesus for the same reason but accept Moses as a true Prophet of God. Similarly we do not believe in Guru Baba Nanak, though there are over 25 million Sikhs who believe him to be a Prophet of God. The reason for it is that if the Jews believed Jesus was a Prophet of God, they would all have automatically converted to Christianity. Similarly if the Christians believed in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it would be tantamount to their accepting Islam. By not accepting our Prophet, Jews and Christians are actually implying that he did not speak for God. Doesn't that make them all blasphemers and, hence, Wajab ul Qatl? -COL (Retd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, September 16.