On September 3, 2008, the American military command in Afghanistan, with the US Presidential authorization, redefined the ambit of it's military intervention in Afghanistan in such a way that the Tribal Areas of Pakistan are also included in the reconstituted 'single theatre of war' along with Afghanistan. These acts contravene established principles of international law and in particular constitute a violation of Article 2 of the United Nations Charter. In addition, in the recent ground attacks and acts of aerial bombardment, protections guaranteed by Geneva Conventions for civilians have been egregiously flouted by US and NATO forces, adding to the untold numbers of such crimes being committed in occupied Afghanistan. The government and military high officials in Islamabad are now mouthing retaliatory threats against the American forces, when in actuality, Pakistan's territory serves as the conduit for 85% of supplies that make these actions possible. In addition, the Pakistani military has been recipient of between $8-10 billions of American aid as reimbursement for expenditures undertaken in engaging in wide scale military action against 'terrorists', and their hideouts in the tribal areas. As America's ally in its 'war against terror' the Pakistani military's indiscriminate targeting of populations residing in the tribal areas resembles closely with an ethnic genocide in its incipient stages. There are no reliable figures for the number of Pakistani citizens killed in the targeted regions of Pakistan since our military started combat activity there but it reaches into the thousands. As citizens of the state of Pakistan, we call upon our government to end in its criminal complicity with America and to seek alternate solutions for the tumult in FATA. -INSPECTOR QABACHA, Lahore, via e-mail, September 16.