Presidential election is constitutionally a non-event in most democracies but it was turned into a multi million dollars media bonanza in our country to make it an occasion bigger than 14th August. That done, it will be important now how Zardari conducts himself as President. The constitution does not permit a political party officeholder to be President. He has also committed before hand to undo 58-2B, 17th amendment and restore 1973 constitution in letter and spirit. Though he cares tuppence for his pledges, blithely breaching them whenever it suits him, it will be difficult to wriggle out of these. He cannot derogate the presidential oath as a political statement, which, according to him, "is no Koran or Hadith". Any breach of pledge in this office would be deemed a constitutional violation. Mr Zardari needs to work on his tarnished image, especially the widely held perception of him being Mr 10%. He should also get rid off opportunists, blackmailers and sycophants that are generally thought to be surrounding him at all times. The nation is divided at present. He needs to rein in the politicos on his side, especially the myopic MQM, which is determined to muddy political environment. He also needs to pull back his Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer, who is thwarting the PML-N government in Punjab. The nation will expect from Mr. Zardari to shed the party office to be above party politics as the constitution deems the President to be. -K.B. LEGHARI, Quetta, via e-mail, September 8.