We have heard of milli naghmay and Quran recitals being used as call-waiting tones, but move over traditionalists, the PM House telephone exchange has a novel idea. Callers waiting to be connected can now expect to be greeted by the late ZAB and BB. Apparently these soundbites have been dug up from the PTV and Radio Pakistan archives. If the operator manages to get the PM on line quickly, these speeches are cut short abruptly in the middle of a word or sentence, leaving the caller wondering what it was all about. Cult or tokenism? Only the PM's establishment can answer that one. * * * * * * * * * * * * It is generally believed that a long spell in prison can change your perspective on life. It can enhance your ambitions and alter your friendship groups. Yousuf Raza Gilani's long spell in state lock-up led him up the garden path straight into the PM House. And now we hear that a jail superintendent (Grade 17) who once rubbed shoulders with Gilani Sahib, while the latter suffered state hospitality, has also experienced prison magic. He has been promoted to grade 19 and is now a member of the PM establishment. * * * * * * * * * * * * Word has it that a hair transplant can get you membership of an exclusive gentleman's club. We know that the elitist club includes the top PML(N) leadership, who returned from exile with new statures and renewed mops of hair. But it now unfolds that the PPP top leaders were also working some hair transplant miracles at home. Recently the contribution of hair transplant surgeons towards the making of Pakistan's image and makeover was officially recognized and rewarded. Dr Nasir Rashid was given a special award for "world-class" performance in the area of transplant surgery from the hair-endowed Gilani and Governor Taseer. Both praised him for services rendered. Does that mean public office hopefuls must in future get or buy a BA degree and a hair transplant, to qualify for the job?