KARACHI (AFP) - Some 100,000 more people have been displaced after a lake burst in Sindh where massive floods have already affected millions of people, a UN spokesman said Tuesday, The Manchar Lake overflowed on Friday, forcing people living in the area to seek refuge elsewhere, UN spokesman Maurizio Giuliano told AFP. More than a hundred thousand (have) been displaced. Not only houses, but boats were also found in pieces (in the affected areas, and) crops are completely washed away, Giuliano said. Jam Saifullah Dharejo, the provincial Irrigation Minister said: The burst in the lake has affected a large population in Jamshoro district, but we cannot estimate the exact number of people affected, they are in thousands. Sindh continues to host the largest number of flood-displaced people, in addition to experiencing the worst of the current flooding, a UN statement said separately. The UN estimates that there are currently 1.2m people in 6,300 camps and settlements across Pakistan with more than 80 percent of them in Sindh. Some 21m people have been affected by floods that have ravaged Pakistan, according to UN figures, including 12m who need emergency food aid. Torrential rain began falling in northern Pakistan in late July causing floods that swept south across the country, wiping out villages and farmland. The official death toll remains at just over 1,700 people. World powers made fresh aid pledges for Pakistans flood disaster on Sunday, after a two-billion-dollar UN appeal.