LAHORE - A spokesman of the Food Dept Punjab has said that there is no deadlock between the Flour Mills Association and the department on the price of atta and a sufficient quantity of wheat flour was available in the market. He said that in all markets of Lahore, atta was available in abundance and in Sunday Bazaars, a bag of 20kg was being sold at Rs 560. He said that in 15 Sunday Bazaars, 14,650 bags of 20kg were supplied, out of which 4,927 bags were sold and 9,732 returned to the food dept. The spokesman said the department had conducted a survey of the availability of atta in the market and according to it there is no shortage of flour at stores and shops in the province. He said the department was releasing wheat quotas to all flour mills regularly and also monitoring the supply of atta to ensure its timely provision in the market.