DOHA/ISLAMABAD (Online) - Chairman Kashmir Committee and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) Amir Maulana Fazlur Rehman Wednesday was stopped from visiting the United States. But Federal Minister for Science and Technology Azam Khan Swati was given conditional permission for a trip to the US. The US authorities say they are concerned over Fazls pro Taliban statements. However, a JUI-F spokesman said Fazl was in Pakistan and would fly to the US today (Wednesday). According to media reports, a US Sate Department official on the condition of anonymity confirmed that Fazl was stopped at Doha Airport under the directives of the US officials and was not given a boarding pass to proceed on a flight to attend the annual OIC Coordination Conference being held in New York. The US officials said the case was being reviewed and a decision would be made soon. The Pakistani embassy in Washington is in touch with the US officials and have stressed that Fazl should be allowed to enter the country. On the other hand, JUI-F Spokesman Maulana Amjad refuting the reports said Fazl was very much in Pakistan and he would fly to the US today (Wednesday) morning. Meanwhile, Federal Minister Azam Swati was given a conditional permission. The sources said he would not be given the protocol of a federal minister and he would be screened at the US airport. On the other hand, AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique Khan has arrived in News York to attend the OIC conference. Speaking on the occasion, Attique said the US authorities must have influenced by some kind of misunderstanding regarding Fazl. Meanwhile, the issue also came up in the Senate session, where the JUI-F condemned the reports by a certain media group and said Maulana was still in Pakistan. Senator Haji Ghulam Ali of JUI-F told the Senate that both Azam Swati and Maulana Fazl were in Pakistan and the news item about their detention at Doha airport was incorrect. He said a certain media group was busy in character assassination of the national leaders. JUI-F Secretary General Ghafoor Haideri said electronic media had aired false stories, which had damaged the privilege of the national politicians, adding that media needed to cleanse itself of the elements trying to create anarchy.