The Kashmiri leadership deserves a pat on the back for standing its ground against Indian demands for negotiations. The assumption in Indian foreign policy circles and the government was that the ongoing wave of protests and popular anger in Held Kashmir could be quelled by striking some sort of a deal with the leaders. They were gravely mistaken. The all-party delegation led by Home Minister Chidambaram was cut to size when it realised that no Kashmiri leader was willing to meet them and soon after the Indian security forces came along to pronounce the house arrest of notable freedom fighters. But even then, the talks did not take place. Instead, the APHC and the JKLF made the withdrawal of troops a prerequisite for talks. Chairman of the All Parties Hurriyet Conference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq got it right that India was talking through the barrel of a gun. However, an even bigger insult to the Indian delegation was the slogan of 'go India go reverberating throughout the valley. This should provide a reality check for Indias rulers who are constantly harping on the theme of atoot ang. The recent intifada must underline the fact that the only viable solution to the conflict is to give Kashmris the right to decide their fate through a plebiscite guaranteed by the UNSC Resolutions. Every other option that has been tried has miserably failed. Despite 80,000 deaths since partition, the Kashmiris remain unfazed in their determination to offer the ultimate sacrifice. During the past week, the Indian army has shot dead over 100 people and made arrests of hundreds of people. Recent events have once again shown that Kashmiris can never be subdued with the use of force, however intense. Rather, the flames of conflagration in the valley have invariably harmed the prospect of peace. It would be childish to assume that India and Pakistan both nuclear powers would ever be able to coexist peacefully without a just settlement of Kashmir. India must realise that it is only reaping the whirlwind of the atrocities it is committing in Kashmir. Not surprisingly, a number of Indians are beginning to frankly admit the fact that violence in India for instance, the Mumbai attacks, is directly linked with the Kashmir issue. The Indian ruling circles would be further endangering the lives of their countrymen as well as the people of the region by sticking to their stand that Kashmir is Indias integral part. A solution in line with the UNSC Resolutions must be found before it is too late.