ISLAMABAD The government has kept silence on the crop insurance scheme that was supposed to cover the farmers loss occurred due to flood as it has been claiming that this year all the crops would be insured and premium would be paid by the government. The question arises that whether these are just the claims or the government actually is sincere in doing something for the farmers. The government this year had introduced crop insurance scheme for the farmers to strengthen the agriculture sector. The crop insurance scheme was supposed to cover the loss of farmers in case of any natural calamity. In case of any loss it was supposed that the loans of the affected farmers would be written off and some amount would also be given to the farmer to invest again on his land. As per market sources and some representatives of farmers associations, the government after or during the flood didnt mention the said scheme and kept silence on the issue. That reflects that there has not been done anything in that regard and it was just the governments claim only to gain political mileage. President Farmers Vision Pakistan, Khawja Shoaib, while talking to TheNation, said that the government at least should cover the agricultural losses in the flood-hit areas through the crop insurance scheme if that exist. He said that Chashma to Kotri Barrage and up to Hyderabad is totally agricultural land and people living there had suffered great losses. He also said that these people are hardworking and they would recover very sharply if the government helps them through the crop insurance scheme. He said that as per their information, the government had paid billions of rupees against the crop insurance so why is it not taking the benefit as the loss should be recovered from the insurance companies. Another farmer claimed that the government was doing nothing and is just giving Rs 20,000 to the affected perpole could just be considered a joke of it.