KARACHI - Towel Manufactures Association Chairman Waqar Alam has said duty-free access for high demand items such as home textiles and towels must be included in European Union package. He said it is a welcome sign that all 27 members of European Union have decided to provide greater access to Pakistani textile through a reduction of import duty to Pakistani textiles so that the country may overcome the disaster caused by the devastating floods. The Chairman added that with the large-scale destruction of the cotton crop caused by the floods, the industrial activity also has become slack and the country needs external help to stimulate its industry and exports. However, he added that the details of the concession are not yet available but the government should make all efforts to convince the EU to give Pakistan as much support as possible. He suggested that high-level government delegations should continue to interact directly and personally with the relevant EU authorities adding that Pakistan has a case for receiving special treatment from the EU and our authorities should see this as an opportunity to get as good a deal as possible from its major trading partner. He further said this means gaining duty free access for high demand items that will generate stimulate employment and revive the industry. He requested the government to make sure that products in high demand in the European Union such as home textiles and towels are included in the scheme.