Intifada, means a shaking off in Arabic, is a term commonly used for the Palestinian revolt, especially by the youth, against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. It was basically a spontaneous reaction to the 20 years of occupation and worsening economic conditions. According to the International Red Cross estimates, some 800 Palestinians, more than 200 under the age of 16, had been killed by the Israeli forces till 1990. Anyway, the intifada pressure helped in making the 1993 Israeli-PLO Agreement on Palestinian self-rule possible. But a breakdown in further negotiations in late 2000 led to another outburst of violence that still continues. If viewed in this context, the plight of the Kashmiris is not much different from the Palestinians. Having been promised the right to self-determination by the UN, following the ceasefire to the 1948 uprising after the Indian forces had illegally occupied the valley, the Kash-miris waited for successive Indian administrations to fulfil their solemn pledge. But exasperated by the continuous Indian oppression and UNs failure to implement its resolutions allowing them to join either India or Pakistan - the Kashmiris took up arms in order to free their land from the occupation forces. But the freedom struggle was met with brute force, as 700,000 Indian forces launched a reign of terror, killing, arresting and torturing Kashmiris; raping their women; and burning, looting and plundering their houses and shops. In the last 21 years, over 80,000 Kashmiris have been killed, thousands are languishing in jails on trumped up charges, while a large number is still missing. Moreover, the Indian propaganda machinery has been constantly trying to brand the freedom struggle as 'militancy accusing Pakistan of training, arming and abetting the Kashmiris bringing about an international pressure on our country. Yet, the Kashmiris have not given up hope of securing their freedom. Ultimately, this June, a 19-year-old Kashmiri boy was murdered by the Indian police, which triggered protest rallies in the valley, and perhaps this was the beginning of the Kashmiri intif-ada. In the last 90 days, over 100 young men, besides a few women and children, have embraced shahadat at the hands of the bestial Indian forces. But this, instead of diluting their fervour, has further emboldened the freedom fighters. Now, the well aware Kashmiri intifada is not only confined to peaceful protests, but they are also capturing the images of Indian cruelty on their mobiles phone cameras and posting the videos on several websites or distributing them worldwide through MMS, which has indeed exposed the spiteful and malicious face of 'Shining India. Meanwhile, to dupe the international community, an all party conference was called by New Delhi to look into the increase in violence in IHK. But the farcical exercise failed to even consider repealing the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), while the ban on media coverage of the events in Kashmir continues. The conference, which was convened by Indian PM Manm-ohan Singh to resolve the spiralling protests in IHK, ended in a deadlock, as 18 more protesters were killed in police clashes. However, the only decision taken was to send a delegation of politicians to Kashmir to assess the ground situation. History is replete with examples where a brave and resolute nation has snatched its freedom from the jaws of repression and domination, despite being outnumbered and devoid of weapons and the wherewithal to face its tormentors. Their resolute and unyielding spirit guided them through the period of oppression and darkness. Pakistan, which is a stake-holder and party to the Kashmir dispute, has to play its due role in providing moral and diplomatic support to the Kash-miris. It was not for naught that the Quaid had declared Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan, since its entire waters route through Kashmir, which the Indians are trying to choke or control, to the detriment of Pakistan. Furthermore, President Bar-ack Obama is due to visit India in November and the Indians are hoping to secure full US support for a permanent seat in the UNSC. However, India should pay heed to the clarion call of the Kashmiri intifada or its inability to heed to its UN obligations will cost it dearly. The writer is a political and defence analyst.