KARACHI (PR) - MD PIA Captain Aijaz Haroon has directed the airline foreign stations for organising events for expatriates and philanthropist for mobilisation of relief efforts for flood affected people of Pakistan, PIA Spokesman said here on Tuesday. PIA station in USA and Edhi Foundation organised a function in Springfield Virginia USA. The function was attended by prominent Pakistani expatriate businessmen, doctors and other professionals. On a per person Entrance fee of $100/- individuals and organisations sponsored tables about 1,000 persons attended the function the proceeds of which will be donated towards the flood relief drive. Two cars were also auctioned along with other items for fund raising. Fakhre Aalam a prominent singer appreciated the efforts of MD PIA Capt. Aijaz Haroon and informed the audience about the role of PIA in spearheading the life-box supply chain. He said that thousands of life-boxes containing ready meals and medicines have so far been delivered through the army and fleet of UN helicopters in the flood affected areas and made appeal for more support and donations. So far, PIA has free of cost airlifted over 1.5 million kgs of relief goods. The national flag carrier is continuing free uplift through its network both domestic and international for the flood affected people of Pakistan. A total of 154,7135 kgs of relief goods have so far been airlifted by PIA while more relief goods carriage is underway on priority basis. PIA airlifted 413,364 kgs from Canada, 90,662 kgs from Europe, 489,878 kgs from United Kingdom, 4,823 from China, 117,791 kgs from USA, 69,075 kgs from UAE, 65,249 kgs from Saudi Arabia, 24,443 kgs from Fareast, 7,144 Kgs from India and 30,425 from Bangladesh while 395,969 kgs of relief goods have been airlifted from Karachi free of cost. The relief goods that are being airlifted free of cost by PIA from its network include survival kits, medical supplies, food rations, dry milk, mineral water, ORS, blankets, new clothing, and household items etc.