LAHORE - Tandoor owners have increased the prices of roti and naan without getting permission of District Administration after the closure of Sasti Roti Scheme of Punjab government, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed on Tuesday. However, the sudden closure of sasti roti scheme and increase in the prices of roti and naan multiplied worries of the citizens including those belonging to the low-income stratum of the society. The restaurants and tandoor owners across the City now are selling roti on Rs 3 to 4 and charging Rs 5 to 6 on naan. In this regard some tandoor owners have informed that they are charging Rs 3 on roti weighing 75 gram while charging Rs 4 on roti weighing 100 gram. The tandoor owners are also charging Rs 5 on naan weighing 75 gram and Rs 6 on naan weighing 100 gram. Moreover, they were of the view that they compelled to increase prices of both items when government stopped supply of subsidised flour bags to them after the closure of sasti roti scheme and rapidly increasing prices of flour and fine (used for making naan) in the open market. Instead of increasing prices of roti and naan, we decreased weight of both items because the citizens particularly their regular customers are forcing them not to increase prices, eventually they compelled to decrease weight, said Haji Latif, a tandoor owner and office-bearer of a local roti and naan association. He said such decision was being taken with the consent of the members of association and tandoor owners keeping in mind unusual raise in utility bills particularly raise in electricity, gas tariffs. He said with recent increase in prices of roti and naan, they could be able to continue their business out of which they are earning hardly bread and butter for their families. On the other hand, citizens blamed that the tandoor owners increased prices without getting prior permission of the District Administration and are fleecing the masses whether by increasing prices or decreasing weight. Nadeem Jutt, resident of Kot Khawaja Saeed said such tandoor owners who were enlisted in the Sasti Roti Scheme and were getting subsidised flour bags regularly from the officials of CDG, which they stocked and now are using and minting money. Govt urged to control terrorism Tehrik Tahaffuz Aza-o-Azmat-e-Saadat has demanded of the government to take solid measures for controlling terrorism and stopping the banned outfits from working with new names. Tehriks secretary general Nasir Abbas made this demand while addressing a Press conference at Lahore Press Club on Tuesday along with other office-bearers including Saqlain Bukhari, Ghulam Hasan Bhatti, Ansar Abbas Bhatti, Aqeel Mohsin Naqvi and others. They announced that the Chehlum of martyrs of Gamay Shah blasts and Mizan chowk Quetta would be observed at Karbala Gamay Shah on September 26 where prominent leaders and scholars of their sect would address the mourners. They also demanded constitution of independent judicial inquiry commission to probe into these terror incidents.