KARACHI - Pakistans export earnings in services trade have slightly augmented by 4.91 per cent to $589 million during the first 2 months (July-August) of current fiscal year compared to $561 million in the same period of last year. According to provisional statistics on services trade released by SBP here on Tuesday, services exports saw an increase of $28 million in the overall volume of trade services exports largely on account of improvement in receipts under government services and higher proceeds from transportation business during the period under review. In the same way, exports of services on month-on-month basis, stood at $305.2 million from $313.1 million in the reported months of prevailing fiscal year. SBP data revealed that despite some contraction in the passage earnings of Pak airlines, transportation services exports witnessed a significant growth as swelled to $205.5 million at the end of July-Aug of this year from $178 million in the corresponding period of past year. The increase in freight earnings, which came at $22.0 million with compared to $16.0 million had also contributed to services exports growth during July-Aug 2010-11. The data further said exports in travel services recorded at $49.5 million as against of $43.7 million last year the higher growth in receipts from the commercial travelers and foreign and national tourists was the main cause behind this improvement during the analytical period of ongoing fiscal year. In addition, the recovery in the proceeds of exchange companies, which attracted $20 million worth foreign earnings in July-Aug FY11, increased the level of travel services exports to a large extent. As far as communication services are concerned, trade of services under this category unlike previous year showed downward trend as plunged to $23.236 million from $38.5 million a year earlier mainly on the back of slowdown in the exports of telecommunication services whose value recorded at $19.981 million as against of $25.179 million in the first two months of this financial year. Similarly, the value of insurance sector exports declined to $3.387 million from $5.521 million. Moreover, financial services exports had plummeted to $8.670 million in July-Aug FY11, compared with $42.719 in the same period of previous year. The country had earned $29.771 million through the exports of computer and information services during July-Aug FY11 when compared $32.125 in the equivalent months of last year. Thus, exports of computer software only attracted a meager amount of $19.853 million versus $20.483 million in past year. Officially figures also showed that the government services exports posted a considerable growth, registering at $170.1 million as against of $125.1 million due to increase remittances received from international organisations and receipts through international bodies during July-Aug FY11. The other business services exports amounted to $96.640 million from $92.160 million because of reduction in refunds and rise in services medicine exports.