Larger part of the wealth created in a modern society is often a product of the industry and mercantile classes. You can add services and agriculture as the next major contributories. This wealth is not a product of politics, of any kind of unionism or votes, nor of democracy or any kind of 'ism like 'Bhuttoism. It is a product of the wisdom of professional technocrats or innovative businessman but not of street agitators and politicians like Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. It is not that PM made this or that appointment wrong but the fact that neither he nor his fellow politicians ever seem to come out of the politics of patronage that has been going on since the 1950s. They have no road map at all for the future of this country. PM should accept that not only he but the entire coalition has failed, this 'democracy has failed. There is no point continuing with this 'idiotocracy. It is time for the technocracy. -DR M. I. SHAIKH, Islamabad, September 19.