PESHAWAR - At least eight suspected militants were killed and many others sustained injuries in a US drone attack in a remote area of South Waziristan Agency here on Tuesday. Sources informed that a US unmanned aircraft fired two missiles on a village in Khand Morsak, a locality of Jandola, and as a result eight suspected militants were killed while several others got injured. They said a vehicle was targeted in the strike by the pilotless plane which fired two missiles on it. They added that the spy planes were seen hovering over the village after the missile strike. They said identification of those killed in the incident could not be made immediately after the attack. Monitoring Desk adds: In the second attack, a US drone fired three missiles at a suspected militant compound in Azam Warsak village, some 25km west of Wana, the main town in South Waziristan Agency, killing 12 suspected militants, a private TV channel reported. The missiles were fired at the office of Shamsul, the commander of a group Mauve Nazar Ahmed. At least eight more people were reportedly killed in the third US drone attack in the same area. Some 15 US drone attacks have taken place in just 18 days in North Waziristan. Over 1,100 people have been killed in more than 131 drone strikes in Pakistan since August 2008. However, the attacks fuel anti-American sentiment in the conservative Muslim country.