The latest terrible attack in Karachi resulting in widespread destruction and loss of lives including a mother and child going to school was a heart rending event. It shows complete lack of coordination and control by law enforcing agencies under the Provincial government. We must create a department of homeland security like the one made in USA which has prevented any major terror attack since 9/11 in USA. Such a department achieves integration and coordination of all the intelligence and law enforcing agencies of the government so as to monitor and oversee the web of terror threats for pre-empting them before these are enacted. The example of Times Square bomber in New York who was caught while boarding a plane is a proof of efficiency of the homeland security department of USA. We must change some faces that do not inspire initiative and confidence. The docile Chief Minister Sindh and the evasive Federal Minister of Interior who has his stakes in UK need to be changed by some dynamic persons drawn from the available pool of political and intelligence agencies. DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, September 20.