This is in response to the disclosure made by Cameron Munter in which he accused Pakistan of having ties with the Haqqani network. This allegation by the US ambassador is nothing but merely a display of desperation on the part of the US after the Taliban attack in Kabul targeting US embassy and other important sites in the most sensitive area of the Afghan capital. The day long fight between Taliban and the Afghan security personnel in one of the most sensitive areas of Afghanistan made one thing clear that the Taliban can attack any place of their choice within Afghanistan with impunity. The incident has brought into question the validity of the US claims of putting to rest the insurgency and the results of a decade long war have also been made doubtful. While making this declaration, the ambassador should have recalled the attack of Afghan militants on Pakistani border posts in Chitral area which claimed the lives of 25 Pakistani soldiers. Did Pakistan accuse the US of not taking any action against these militants even when the intelligence reports about the concentration of militants had been shared repeatedly with the NATO authorities. Munter should be advised to pursue meaningful diplomacy that can bridge trust deficit between the two countries rather than blaming Pakistan for the failures of the super power in bringing a halt to the resistance offered by militants. Perhaps that is a better way to move forward. Muhammad Moin Ahmad, Lahore, september 20.