Embarrassed by recent Taliban attack on the US embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta blamed the Haqqani group and warned Islamabad to retaliate against the network inside Pakistan. Time and again we urged Pakistan to exercise influence over such attacks from the Haqqanis and weve made very little progress in that area. He cautioned to do everything to defend US forces. He did not elaborate the ways and means to defend their forces but clarified to drive across the boundaries. The remarks of various US officials against Pakistan have always created ripples in the tranquil and peaceful environment as a result of Obama administrations inbuilt desire to discredit and disregard Pakistans efforts against terrorism or to put Pakistan on distrustful and suspicious top most chart. Boots on Pakistani soil has been a decade-long US desire which they have expressed more than millions of time. The year 2011 has brought abrupt changes in Pak-US ties due to mistakes or misadventures of US itself. Raymond Davis case inflicted multiple fractures to Pak-US relations followed by US intrusion inside Pakistan in the form of Operation Geronimo which severely damaged both Pakistans image and its trust in the US. US could have done the Damage Control in OBL episode by a joint operation; which was actually against US inbuilt desire. Despite Pakistans true resolve to combat terrorism backed insurgency in its areas, US has always criticised the quantum of efforts of Pakistan government and its security forces to fight this menace. Pakistan has deployed maximum of its resources at western borders in order to deny cross-border movement, targeting terrorists sanctuaries in FATA, helping US-led NATO coalition in terms of logistic space and information sharing. After capturing and handing over more than 700 top terrorists, inflicting blows on al-Qaeda and Taliban, providing logistic support as well as bases to US, whats in Pakistans pocket? In return Pakistan has received aid which is peanuts which were in fact the services charges for airbases, logistic and intelligence services provided to US and Nato forces. The US is fighting war on terroris is a fact and that Pakistan has sacrificed more than any other WoT ally is a ground reality that should be accepted without any prejudice. Pakistan is not ready to get dictation from US against its policies regarding relations with Afghanistan, time of NWA operation, security of nuclear assets, IP gas deal etc. At the same time, Pakistan has asked US to put in writing the perimeters of Pak-US ties along with all Dos and Donts so that both sides work their plans accordingly. At this juncture Pakistan is in a position to dictate its terms to the US. The US has to get out of the phobia that its military eqipment will be used in any future conflict against India, which is in fact a main reason of not gearing Pakistan armed forces in line with COIN strategy. US needs to act like a genuine ally and must stop getting input from India. Security assistance from the US is required no doubt but certainly not at the cost of sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan and its people; 7th nuclear state with 6th largest army in the world. BILAL RASHID, Islamabad, September 21.