This baby panda has clearly been on Twitter a bit too much recently – after pulling a pose just like Britain’s snoozing PM.

David Cameron was caught out on the social network earlier this week, grabbing 40 winks before a wedding in a picture taken by his sister-in-law Emma Sheffield.

And this little guy is obviously a big fan of Dave – stretching out just like his hero.

Actually,the baby panda has a bit more of a back story than being a world leader lookalike – he’s finally been revealed to be a boy after Austrian zookeepers finally managed to reveal it was male .

The youngster – who won’t be named until he’s 100 days old, in accordance with Chinese tradition – was left alone by his mother when she went out to get some food and drink at Vienna’s Schonbrunn Zoo. Zoo director Dagmar Schratter said: ‘Panda mothers do not normally leave their offspring alone for a second when the baby is still very young. They don’t even go out to collect food.

‘But now his mother Yang Yang has left the box a few times to collect bamboo and get something to drink so while she was out we were able to take some pictures.’

The baby panda is still blind and relies entirely on its mother to be kept fed and watered, and so the similarity with Mr Cameron continues (or not).