ISLAMABAD - The FPCCI on Saturday lauded the recent initiatives of the government to ensure peace in Karachi which is a prerequisite for the national development. The government seems serious in restoring peace by clearing the economical hub of Pakistan of criminal gangs which have targeted the business community since long and made life difficult for all sections of society, said Zubair Ahmed Malik, President FPCCI.

Speaking to the business community, he said that authorities must ensure that the amendments to the anti-terrorism law are seriously implemented without compromising civil rights and necessary safeguards against abuse of power. Government initiatives will not work if police remained demoralised and witnesses, prosecutors, lawyers and judges continued to operate in an environment of fear, he warned. Zubair Ahmed Malik said that operations have been launched in the past with little success owing to lack of planning and absence of will among some decision makers preferring political considerations over law and order that compromised growth and triggered flight of capital and exodus of industry.

He said that complex issues of the city of bright lights cannot be resolved by amendments in laws, imposing curfew or recovery of illegal weapons; the key to sustainable peace lies in improving the morale of the police force if political violence is to be controlled. Image of police force also needs to be boosted otherwise the security scenario would remain the same and probably go from bad to worse because police could not maintain neither law nor order without the cooperation of the local population, he observed. Zubair Ahmed Malik said that the police officers lack everything they require to discharge duties according to the expectations of masses and the government. Police are thoroughly ill equipped, their working conditions are deplorable and involvement of politicians from recruitment to retirement has shaken the foundations of this significant department, he added.

Expecting police to meet the threats and protect the life and property of the people in existing situation is nothing but self-deception.

Bringing the killers of policemen to book is imperative to send a strong message of zero tolerance to the emboldened criminals including the ‘Bhatta’ and ‘Parchi’ mafia, said Malik.

Coordination and proper monitoring system is very important to ensure peace on lasting basis as development, peace and prosperity of Pakistan it tied to peace in the mini Pakistan.