Karachi Development Authority (KDA) was one of the trusted public functionary two decades back thanks to its visionary decision makers. Unfortunately, it has lost its reputation of being a self-sufficient entity shortly after the promulgation of the Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001. According to the ordinance, KDA was one of the 16 government functionaries devolved in the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK). Since the devolution, it has to rely on the funds released by the Government of Sindh. When KDA was working as a self autonomous body, it succeeded to manage its funds for its five thousand employees and around four thousand pensioners and above all it would offer public housing schemes from time to time through its Public Housing Department.

Now the whole complexion has changed. The employees and pensioners of KDA are seen on the roads protesting against the responsible for inviting their attention to timely disburse their salaries and pensions. It would remain a dream for the retiring officer to live comfortable retirement soon after their retirement, they have to wait for months to settle their post retirement dues which is contrary to the rules of the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

According to Shanul Haq Haqqi, a renowned lexicographer and outstanding writer, in his book naqdo nazar has rightly pointed out that there have been two major sources of production: man and land. It is beyond my imagination that KDA used to be one of the major land-holding entities in Karachi but it could not secure its employees future even in its day of glory let alone expecting it when it lost its autonomous status and devolved in the CDGK.

KDA can still resurrect its Public Housing Department and introduce many public housing schemes to the people of the metropolis on its piece of prominent land which have either been encroached or to be encroached on one pretext or another. Fortunately, KDA still has 32 acres in a posh area of Karachi where the production of pre-stressed pipes was made and formally known as KDA Pipe Factory but the decision makers decided to utilize the land are either sleeping or waiting for someone to take illegal possession of it.

This land can contribute to the financial health of its employees, pensioners and the post-retirement dues seekers. Above all, the proper use of the land can provide a substantial source of income for its expenses and contribute a lot to save KMC from its persistent financial miseries.


Karachi, September 18.