MQM was formed with good intentions by Altaf Hussain to remove grievances of the Mohajirs including the employment quota of 2%, re-opening of Visa office of India in Karachi, re-opening of railway route to India. The Mohajirs supported him blindly which he later took advantage of to promote his aim of cornering the Mohajirs from non-Mohajirs by promoting hatred and making money by extortion.

He formed a secret terrorist gang to murder all his opponents who objected to his exploiting tactics and selling the interests of Mohajirs to the rulers. Azim Ahmed Tariq, the honest President of MQM was the first victim of such targeted killing, as he rightly objected to Altaf's mean tactics. Then lot of MQM dissenters were murdered secretly one by one and the blame was put on other communities to corner the Mohajirs and promote Altaf as the only ‘Saviour’ of the Mohajirs. Even an honest and sincere person, Hakim Saeed of Hamdard organization was murdered on the orders of Altaf for refusal to pay extortion money.

Due to his blackmailing and terror tactics along with strikes, burning of vehicles, protest meetings and processions with hot speeches to disrupt the industrial city of Karachi, the government in power always came under Altaf's pressure to release arrested MQM criminals. But this surrender by every government to please Altaf only increased his strength and emboldened him.

Now after gaining British citizenship, he is still running the party from behind the scenes to create unrest. Altaf is now a billionaire owning six houses in UK with black money and more than four hundred thousand pounds kept in his house were seized by the Scotland Yard recently which he could not account for.

Is there no law in Pakistan, the Supreme Court should at least cancel his Pakistani citizenship after giving notice to him that he cannot run a Pakistan based political party with foreign citizenship and from a foreign country. He should be deported by the UK government to face murder trials in Pakistan, why are they providing him so much protection?


Karachi, September 20.