Child abuse is on the rise in our society which has already become degenerated. Our very survival is in jeopardy. Raping a five year old girl is the true, albeit savage manifestation of the brutalized picture of the society in which we are living. It is neither a failure of governance nor a poor implementation of law and order; rather it is the fault of our society and its values. Society has become an accomplice in this crime as the individuals are only the product of it. Every day we hear horrible news coming from a state which was proud to be a fort of Islam. Is Pakistan really a fort of Islam? Are the values cherished by the people of this country Islamic? Council of Islamic Ideology, which is run by religious bigots and people bereft of reason and logic, is still struggling with a question of DNA as primary source of evidence.

Whenever a story emerges in which it seems that people from other religions are trying to malign Islam, these so called ‘Muslims’ are quick with justice, they hang and murder, innocent people on the name of Islamic laws without ever any self evaluation. The things which Islam forbade are being practiced without any remorse. In actuality, this state has become so indifferent and oblivious to the current socio-moral issues confronting it that no one is safe any longer.

Grave issues ranging from terrorism to religious intolerance are rife in this Islamic republic of Pakistan. Political leaders are not only incompetent but also devoid of intellectual introspection. They do not even know the gravity of the situation. At this crucial phase of history it is imperative for academics, intellectuals and social activists to play their much-needed role to purge this state from social evils through multipronged approach. Civil society’s contribution in this regard is also needed. It should be kept in mind that no miracle will happen and initiative is required from within. Instead of blaming outsiders for our self-created mess, we need a paradigm shift and change in state narratives!


Hafizabad, September 20.