Hugh Jackman draws on film role when facing the realities of raising children.

In new movie Prisoners, the star plays a father whose daughter disappears along with another local girl. The storyline has made the actor re-think what he teaches his own children. Hugh married Deborra-Lee Furness in 1996 and the couple have two adopted children Oscar, 13 and eight-year-old Ava.

“I want [my children] to go out into the world thinking things will be OK. The harsh reality is that things don’t always turn out OK,” he told MTV. “One line that my character has, which I used to think was a little bit of a glib line when I first read it but keeps resonating with me, is ‘Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.’ So on some level, be ready. I’m more ready now than I was. That stays with me on a daily basis.” The star researched the role thoroughly but found he didn’t need to look that far for inspiration. High profile disappearances dominate the news, and the 44-year-old actor studied the press conferences that are often broadcast.