The Punjab governor has reiterated that dialogues were the only solution to terrorism, saying that the government’s intention is clear about dialogues with the Taliban while the other political parties and Pakistan armed forces also agree to the idea.

Talking to the media at Bahawalpur, Chaudhry Ghulam Sarwar hoped that also the Taliban believed in talks. He said that the present government of Pakistan had no understanding with any country about drone attacks. “Terrorism is increasing due to drone attacks. Pakistan has scarified about 40,000 human lives in the war against terrorism but international community did not recognised our scarifies. The services of army and police are remarkable in the war,” he added.

He said that any kind of terrorist activity in universities will not be tolerated and action was being taken against illegal inhabitants of universities’ hostels. He said that police were not providing justice for common men. He said that Punjab chief minister was giving special attention to education, health and law and order and all the resources were being utilised to improve these sectors on the priority basis.

He said that only one syllabus would be introduced in schools and a board has been established to constitute the same syllabus throughout the Punjab. He added that heavy amount has been allocated in the budget to provide missing facilities in schools.

He said directed that steps be taken to establish an IUB sub-campus in Tehsil Hasilpur so that in this area, people could get the education till post-graduation level. He noted that the government would initiate a special programme for the training of teachers throughout the Punjab with the cooperation of British government. He detailed that teachers would be made aware of education related method according to the modern standards. He said that 90% of people do not have the facility of drinkable water due to which people are falling victim to diseases. The provincial government was starting a project on emergency basis for the provision of potable water to 100,000 children in schools by the current year end.

He said that energy crisis was the main issue of Pakistan and the government was giving its full attention towards the elimination of the energy crisis so that the national industries could be restored and people could get employed and live happily. He said that special steps will be taken to improve education.

“We will ensure international standard education at Sadiq Public School and the new Board of Governors of SPS will be established within a few weeks. He said that promotion of education was their top priority. He admitted that 7 million children throughout the Punjab were not going to schools and to educate these children was the government’s mission.

He said that seminary institutes should also promote science and computer education along with religious education. He said, “My services about Kashmir, Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan are on record. In the history of British Empire, I was the first one who took oath as the member of British parliament on Quran. I do not believe on protocol but here in Pakistan due to the security reasons, we are bound to take protocol.” Later he visited Jamia Mosque Sheikh Wahan Sharif where he witnessed the Jubba Mubarak (clothing) linked to Hazarat Muhammad (SAWW) and sword associated with Hazarat Imam Hassan (RA).

Addressing the local people at the residence of MNA Makhdoom Ali Hassan Gillani in Uch Shareef, the Punjab governor said that to eliminate deprivation of South Punjab, all resources would be utilised. The governor said that after taking oath, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif assigned him with the first task to take special steps for the prosperity and development of Southern Punjab. He said that steps were being taken on emergency basis for the welfare and rehabilitation of flood victims and at this time of difficulty affected families will not be left alone.

To a question, he said that Uch Sharif is the city of Sufis and Saints and due to them Islam spreaded in Subcontinent. He added that special attention will be given towards the maintenance and renovation of shrines and tombs. He said that Ahmadpur East would be developed like Lahore and Faisalabad. He added that developmental projects will be started with the advice of the people’s representatives. He said that Rescue 1122 had been established in Ahmadpur East and water filtration plant would soon be installed in 2 schools of Ahmadpur East to provide drinkable water in schools.