ISLAMABAD - Frustration among teachers of Islamabad model colleges is mounting over non-payment of ceiling allowance to them.

The issue of ceiling allowance for teachers of Islamabad has worsened over the last couple of years as insufficient amount allocated for the ceiling has deprived majority of the teachers of this facility. According to the rules, ceiling allowance is permissible to all the federal employees of Islamabad and Rawalpindi plus all the four provincial capitals. But, according to the representatives of Islamabad model college teachers, this facility has successively been denied for the last four years to new entrants of the education department due to meagre allocations by the Finance Division in the head.

Prof Rasheed Khan, President Central Academic Staff Association (CASA), informed that the non-availability of hiring allowance is the most pestering problem of the teachers of Islamabad model colleges but the concerned authorities have failed to address this issue. He lamented this apathetic attitude towards the teachers' problems.

Senior Vice President of CASA Prof Mehboob regretted that for the last six months CASA has been running from pillar to post to get the issue of ceiling allowance solved but the authorities are indifferent towards teacher's misery. He further said that situation has gone to the extent where house owners have started asking teachers to vacate the houses if Estate Office fails to issue ceiling cheques of overdue amounts.

Currently 1,635 teachers of Islamabad model colleges are registered for hiring facility but only 534 have been given this right. The government allocated more than Rs 1 billion for hiring for the teachers this year but the authorities at Estate Office have allotted only Rs 60 million for 19 model colleges of Islamabad which is a sheer injustice with the model set-up, said General Secretary of CASA Murad Ali.

"Model colleges function in both morning and evening shifts and are different from other federal educational institutions of Islamabad because they provide education from nursery to Masters level under the same roof. It means that model colleges are working both as schools and colleges at the same time and this special nature of these colleges demands better treatment from the authorities but unfortunately a discriminatory attitude is being shown towards model colleges by the authorities at both Estate Office and Federal Directorate of Education."

He further explained that when CASA protested at Estate Office against such low amount of hiring share for model colleges, they were told that unlike FG colleges and schools, model colleges failed to put up their hiring amount demands. Prof Murad wondered why poor teachers of model colleges are being forced to pay for the alleged failure of incompetent officials of FDE. He warned that if this issue is not resolved within a week then teachers would be left with no option but to protest against such irresponsible officials of Estate Office and FDE.