ISLAMABAD - The claims made by Asian Senior Individual Squash champion Aamir Atlas Khan regarding his fitness and exceptional training were brought down to earth with a loss at the hands of little known player Sheikh Saquib, who brushed aside him in the 7th DG Rangers Squash Championship.

Aamir had earlier attributed his Asian Senior Squash success to his father and private coach rather than giving the credit to national coach Jamshed Gul Khan. Aamir was not even 70 percent fit for the mega event, but it was Jamshed and the PSF, who worked day and night to enable Aamir to regain full fitness and won the prestigious title after a gap of almost 15 years.

Aamir was fast to reap all the benefits and praise from all the quarters besides getting hefty cash awards from PSF president Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, who also presented a handsome carpet gift from his own pocket.

Aamir and his younger brother Danish had made it a habit of always pressurisng the federation, wanted to get undue favors and do nothing in return. Both brothers had now failed miserably to win any major title for the past several months. Aamir had sent entries to two PSA events in Malaysia and Hong but withdrew his name at the eleventh hour sighting health problems and after a gap of more than five months, Aamir finally decided to have a go at the DG Rangers event failed to go beyond quarterfinals, despite having a very favorable draw, which clearly indicates he lacked proper training and his so-called coach is well short about latest techniques of coaching, which he was previously enjoying with national coach Jamshed.

Almost same is the case with top Pakistani player Nasir Iqbal, who despite being the most blessed one of the federation, failed to reach the final of DG Rangers Championship. Nasir also gave all the credit of his success to his brother, who had failed to improve Nasir’s PSA rankings whereas Jamshed had done wonders by getting Nasir to world number 49 slot as compared to a very ordinary 137 he held previously. Now a days these so-called champions even find it really difficult to participate in the PSA $5000 or $10,000 events and had to play qualifiers to play in these low priced events, which previously Pakistani greats never even considered of participating.

Not a single Pakistani player bothered to play in the recently concluded Malaysian Open, which was previously won by Pakistanis on regular basis, which speaks volumes of inefficiency of these superstars. If they are not able to have direct entry into even these low profile events and crashed out at the first hurdles, then how could they expect to win lucrative PSA events?

They are fully aware about their weaknesses, the time is ripe PSF must interfere and make sure these remianing group of players, instead of wasting time with their personal coaches, must trained with national coach, it make no sense to play with ordinary coaches, when one have the luxsury of having one of the best coaches of the world available, who had already prove his mettle by helping these playeers won some major events.

The time is ripe that PSF must at least bound top players to train only with national coach instead of insisting on train with fathers, brothers or privately hired coaches, as it would serve no purpose to either players nor the federation. Above all it is very harmful for the country’s chances of winning back the past titles.

It is the national and moral duty of the PSF to take immediate notice of the unsporting behaviour of some certain players, who let their emotions and egos above the country’s pride. The players must have to realise one simple fact and that no body or individual is above then the sports itself. If players doesn’t follow the rules and regulations and put their interest above the country’s pride, then there is absolutely no place for such traitors and they don’t have any right to wear national colours.