LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch, who is also the representative of Opposition parties, has issued the second part of the suggestions by political Jirga’s presented to the government and protesting PTI and PAT.

The suggestions have been framed by the Jirga members: Sirajul Haq, Rehman Malik, Liaqat Baloch, Hasil Bizenjo, Ghazi Gulab Jamal and Perveen Kulsoom. The Jirga defined the word “rigging” for the consideration of the  Judicial Commission: Pre-poll rigging; Rigging on the day of polling; Irregularities after polling; Rigging and the role of caretaker government; Rigging and the role of election commission; Any conspiracy through which PML-N which hold the party responsible for rigging; Any conspiracy through which PML-N is responsible for rigging. A long-drawn session of talks have been held between PTI and PML-N government on six points as a result of which both the sides agreed on the definition of rigging and five points, excluding the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. It has been suggested by the Jamaat-e-Islami both the parties, for the resolution of the deadlock, should look and agree for a timeframe in the ambit of the constitution. On the remaining five points, both the parties have hinted that there is no disagreement.

So far as the ‘PAT vs Government’ scenario is concerned, the Jirga has proposed a few suggestions. It suggests that since the FIR of Model Town tragedy has already been registered and in order to create an atmosphere of bonhomie, formation of an inquiry team constituted with the consent of both sides should immediately be set up.

Secondly, cases against PAT and PTI registered in different parts of the country should be quashed. Thirdly, the demands pertaining to national reforms should be implemented in the light of the suggestions presented by PAT and PTI which envision that an experienced officer should be posted as the head of the National Reforms Commission. Fourthly, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should announce his strategy regarding his resignation in the Punjab Assembly and if as agreed between PAT and the government, the commission finds him guilty, he should tender resignation.

 “In the light of our earlier proposals, if the basic appeal regarding the Model Town tragedy, in which fourteen people were killed, was transferred to some other province, it would serve as a goodwill gesture, and promote understanding between the government and the PAT,” the Jirga stated. It also proposed that all the workers of the PTI and PAT arrested after June 23, should be released forthwith.  The Jirga noted that the PAT had been holding talks with the government and was awaiting a written confirmation but the arrest of a PAT negotiating team member led to the deadlock. The release of arrested member and workers would end the deadlock and help restore the dialogue process. Jirga requests all three players to please fulfill to their promises regarding the suggestions and their resolutions.