There were a lot of expectations from the speech delivered by the Prime Minister in Parliament on Friday. To the dismay of many, the PM failed to announce any strategy to handle the protests or the protestors. Nawaz Sharif contended that the government did not accept the country to be governed by ‘laws of the jungle’. Unfortunately, the government does not even possesses any writ outside Parliament. Private news channels are being attacked in broad daylight and the police is nowhere in sight and the Parliamentarians have to use a back alley, to quietly sneak in and out of Parliament. Those entering the Secretariat are routinely checked by PAT followers, just to assert their authority. The fact that the Red Zone has forcibly been seized by a mob and is still under their control, hails testimony to the fact that the government does not intend to establish any writ. So Mr. Prime Minister, please accept that the country is being run by ‘law of the jungle’.


United Kingdom, September 19.