Teachers are people who teach and impart knowledge. The brutal murder of Professor Muhammad Shakeel Auj, Dean of Islamic Studies, a research scholar, with 70 research papers published, 15 books and booklets, 69 general articles, and awarded the ‘Sitara-i-Imtaiz’ was completely uncalled for. He hailed from the lower middle class, and no one before him in his family had access to higher education like he did. He was the first in Pakistan to receive the DLitt Degree in Islamic studies, from the prestigious Karachi University.

He had raised many questions regarding Islam, in a society where one can’t have a personal opinion. A few orthodox members of the society wanted things to remain as they were. The professor was labeled as ‘apostate,’ which is an easy way to undermine any venerable human being. These people used religion as a tool to fulfill their own desire to slay the one person who they could not compete with. They think they have the sole right to Islam and its teachings, and everyone should follow what they say.

A very famous Hadith says “If anyone kills one person, it would be as if he killed all humanity and if anyone saves one life, it would be as if he had saved the whole humanity.” The religious intolerance and ramification of such acts may engulf the society, and the future of teachers looks very grim if this issue is not addressed quickly. The government should expedite efforts to improve the current prevailing religious intolerance in our society and the high ups should direct a diktat to law enforcements agencies to arrest the killers forthwith.


Islamabad, September 19.