islamabad - Apart from political rivalry, residents of Islamabad look sympathetically at the plight of little children, toddlers and elders at sit-in who brave the harsh weather at Constitution Avenue.

 Residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi feel that the Red Zone protesters have made their lives miserable and that they are to be blamed for the traffic blocks and police high handedness at the pickets. But there are many who feel sympathetic towards the women folks, the elderly and the children including toddlers and infants

 “Last night the thunderstorm in Islamabad accompanied with lightening was quite unusual in the sense that instead of enjoying the nature’s marvel my heart went out for the men, women and children protesting in open,” said Shaista Qureshi, a mother of two children.

She said her daughter was scared of lightening so she covered her face with a pillow and turned up the TV volume. She said she was thinking what the mothers at ‘dharna’ would do if their children complained they were scared of lightening.

Aqil Rasheed is a banker and very particular about his routine. He said if he doesn’t get his dinner at eight in the evening he gets seriously upset. He goes to sleep at ten and gets up early in the morning. “You see, I might be a person with a regimented lifestyle but then I can afford it as God has given me everything. When I think of the people in the Red Zone I get disturbed and then there is something even more serious to push me into depression. I don’t really know who to blame,” says Aqil Rasheed.

So many people like Mr Rasheed are confused about the political impasse. It is on their nerves as was witnessed in a heated discussion in a lawyer’s chamber the other day. Three men supported the dharna while a single person, very aggressive, supported Nawaz Sharif.

A female teacher who teaches voluntarily at a make-shift school at Constitution Aveune regretted that the lingering political impasse was taking heavy toll on the health and education of little children present in the sit-in.

“It would have been better if Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif had completed the probe into killing of 14 workers of Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) in Lahore. It is irony that so far Punjab government has not nabbed the killer,” the teacher commented. But a proponent of the government said the removal of barriers outside Minhajul Quran was the government’s right, Punjab police did not kill the fourteen people and then that the governments are normally hesitant to let any tom, dick and harry file police reports against the sitting chief minister or the prime minister. The government must be seen as strong, he said.