LAHORE - Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has said that a high-powered Parliamentary Committee consisting of seasoned and non-controversial politicians should immediately be formed to hold talks with PTI and PAT, directly assigned to bring out fruitful outcome without fail.

In a statement issued from the Party Secretariat on Sunday, Wattoo said that the unabated political uncertainty was getting on the nerves of the nation as the functioning of the government was in a state of paralysis to the utter disadvantage of the people and the country. He called upon the PTI and PAT leaders not to insist on the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which was the thorny issue.

 He said that it was imperative to get the country’s politics out of the closed alley, cautioning if the gridlock was not broken it would inevitably lead to sealing the fate of the agitating parties altogether.

He further said that the resignation of the prime minister should be made conditional to the outcome of the rigging allegations by the Judicial Commission.

He suggested that the process of electoral reforms should also be initiated at the same time to hold transparent, fair and free elections in the country.

He pointed out that the politics of point scoring should be jettisoned for the sake of national politics which was constitution, democracy and the rule of law. “Spewing venom on each other would not get us anywhere and will erode the political ground from underneath their feet”, he added.

Wattoo referred to the Afghanistan’s politics where Dr Ghani and Dr Abdullah Abdullah had found the solution of their political deadlock by accommodating each other’s point of view. “Now Afghanistan would be blessed with the much needed political stability to deal with extremists and terrorists forces and the international community would be happily forthcoming to help them in a big way,” he observed.

The PPP leader said that the warring parties should take leaf out of Afghanistan’s book and settle the dust as early as possible because “the political vacuum had to filled that may be or may not be of our liking.”

He commented that warring parties should realise that their head-strong position in country’s politics was costing billions of rupees to the nation besides earning the bad name for the country right across the globe.