Out of a total of 52,907,870 children, about 25,021,673 kids including 55pc girls are out of schools in the country, revealed a survey conducted by a non-profit organisation.

Addressing a seminar arranged by the NGO, its office-bearers said that Pakistan is the third country in the world with regard to the number of out-of-schools girls.

In Punjab, 50pc girls are out of schools compared to 44pc of boys in the province. School enrolment and retention rates are very low in the country. The net enrolment rate for girls is 54pc at the primary level. This figure drops to 21pc at the middle level and just 13pc at the secondary level, it detailed.

Female literacy rate among those aged 15 years and above is 42% compared to 67% among males in the same age group, as per the study. Similarly, 53% of females belong to urban areas and 64% of females belong to rural areas have never entered schools compared to 29% of males, it said.

The NGO official said out of the total 155,032 government education institutions, merely 54,910 (35%) cater to the needs of girls. It is responsibility of the state to provide education to females for betterment of society. As over the last four decades, the global increase in women’s education has prevented more than 4 million child deaths.

He said the statistical status of District DG Khan showed the poor performance of education system. He said that district DG Khan ranked 34 out of 36 in Punjab. Enrolment rate at primary school is 70%, at middle school is 32% and high school is 21%. Class 5th students who cannot read a story in Urdu text of class 2 level are 59% and in English text are 48%. Class 5th students who cannot do class 3 level two digit division are 47%. Dropout rate at primary level is 57%.

Mana Ahmadni Public School Senior Headmaster Syed Haidatullah Shah said that private schools have a higher number of teachers but they are not necessarily better qualified or experienced than government school teachers. Although the private sector is rapidly expanding but the majority of schools in the country are still run by the government with a higher number of children attending government schools than private schools.

“We all should encourage the public sector for schooling,” he said.

Dozens of eminent people from every field of life including MPA Sardar Ahmed Ali Dareshak, Raiz Ahmed Changwani, Shamsher Ali Khan, Riaz Hussain Jazab, and Sheik Saleem Raza were present in the seminar arranged by the NGO namely Alif Ailan.