As recent news stories suggest, the KP government is introducing ‘Prohibition of Tobacco and Protection of Non-smoker’s Health Act’, according to which tobacco will be prohibited from being stored, distributed, sold, or used in public places. This act also includes lawns and rooftops. It’s really strange to see a new act being promoted especially when almost 30 acts are already in existence regarding the illegal smuggling of cigarettes.

Firstly, this new act will create a very negative impact on growers as well as transporters. Being a sales and marketing person myself, I can already visualise that the job market for youngsters will shrink. Secondly, how can a bill such as this be tabled if the matter is still in court at the federal level. I see this new act as a publicity stunt of the KP government because if authorities really wanted to address the issues, laws are already available and only lack implementation.


Peshawar, September 2.