Last week, the duplicitous Uncle Sam showed his true colours in Syria yet again. Taking cover of the truce agreement with Russia, the US coalition jets attacked a Syrian Army post killing more than 60 soldiers. In ten coordinated minutes, the post was run over by the coalition’s proxy terrorists in tow on the ground. Syria has since declared the ceasefire dead. Surely, it is time for Russia to pause and reflect upon the limits of diplomacy when it comes to engaging with the US.

As usual, the US claims it was a mistake, and expects the world to believe it. As usual, the US would like to shift the blame on to Russia, this time by creating confusion about coordination between the two countries. Meanwhile, it hurtles ahead with its regime-change-through-proxy-terrorists plan for Syria in every deceptive way it still can. The basic question, when it comes to Uncle Sam, should be: How many eggs in the diplomacy basket can one realistically put?

How much longer must we go through the motions of round upon round of negotiations involving the US, of the usual UN working groups and the usual UNSC resolutions to end wars engineered by it? The bilateral, multilateral and international diplomacy around neatly laid-out negotiation tables might be useful but it is obviously not enough in the present instance, not when one side doesn’t really believe in it.

Russian diplomacy might be great these days, led by Sergei Lavrov with an astute, forthright, patient and accommodative flourish and strengthened by the Russian government’s positive and principled perspective on international affairs. But what chance does it have when faced with the American version of diplomacy which is actually designed as a tool of deception and distraction, meant to provide a cover for pushing ahead with its original plans for world hegemony one way or another? Is Russia still willing to give the obviously deviant Uncle Sam the benefit of doubt? I hope not.

One thing should be clear by now to Russia, China and countries that would like to replace the unilateral imperialist badmashi of the US with a peaceful multipolar world order built upon sovereign equality of states and win-win cooperation among them: No give or take, no internationally agreed rule or law, no morality or human value, nothing would make the dangerously doddering Uncle Sam change his mind about his quest for global hegemony; nothing but force and the willingness to apply it with a whatever-it-takes approach.

Diplomacy will make sense to the US only when it has been thoroughly routed in a particular battle-zone and has no chance of influencing the situation on the ground in its usual two-faced ways; spreading instability in the garb of bringing stability, fuelling terrorism in the name of fighting it. If the US and its allies insist on making violence and deception the only game in town, the only option for those wishing to create a better world is to play the sordid game to defeat them. Otherwise, a decisive victory for durable peace will remain elusive.

Take the case of Afghanistan where seven Afghan soldiers were similarly killed by ‘friendly fire’ from US occupation forces, also last week. For fifteen years, instead of bringing the espoused stability there, the US has used its foothold in the country to spread instability in the entire region. Its nexus with war-lords and drug-lords has been known for some time and its role in facilitating terrorists and exporting them to neighbouring countries is being rapidly exposed.

Can Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran and Central Asian States, all targets of separatism and militancy being manufactured and facilitated by the US from Afghanistan, count on diplomacy to end the US occupation of the country? Should they contend themselves with bilateral and multilateral counter-terrorism cooperation to defend themselves from the engineered onslaught and not do anything about what lies at the root of the problem? Should they approach the UN and leave it at that?

I know I’ll be tarred by the pacifists of the world for saying it but, really, it is high time Uncle Sam was administered a heavy dose of his own poisonous medicine. This has become even more important after the aggressive US-India axis has made its intention of using the territory of Afghanistan and its puppet government to disrupt projects of multipolar regional integration clear. Countries in the region must cooperate to raise the cost of occupation of Afghanistan for the US.

The emergence of a formidable and genuine counter-terrorism nucleus around the China-Russia nexus is good news for the world. But, to defend the neighbourhood from US-engineered instability, it will have to do more than building counter-terrorism cooperation with other countries in the region and taking diplomatic initiatives to bring sanity to Uncle Sam. Afghanistan’s neighbours must actively cooperate with Afghan groups fighting to end the US occupation.

The free-floating pacifists of the world would rather not make the distinction between wars of imperial aggression and oppression on the one hand and wars of resistance and defence that must be fought to keep the evil in check on the other. This distinction is important. While we must condemn wars imposed on countries and communities for the sake of hegemony and plunder, we must recognise the nobility of wars fought to defend the peace and dignity of nations.

Take the never-ending war on the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir, for instance. Should we count on the UN to end it? Should we be naïve like our Prime Minister and ask John Kerry to find a way to end the bloodshed? Should we wait for the belligerent Modi government to come to the table? Will diplomacy stop India from fuelling unrest in Balochistan?

The free-floating pacifists of the world might disagree but we should provide not only diplomatic and moral but also material support to Kashmiris fighting against Indian occupation. And do whatever we can to aid the movements of numerous communities in India fighting state and caste oppression. Not for hegemony but in solidarity.