In absolute terms, surely North Korean aggression is not a right way to go about things, but in relative terms, any sovereign country would do this. I have a question for you. How many times in last few months, did you hear about the US-South Korean joint exercises, prior to successive missile tests from North Korea ? Did anyone of you try to inquire about the other side of the story? Everyone seems to ask, why is Kim Jong-un all of a sudden acting lunatic? His widely condemned irrational behavior, may not, after all termed illogical and absurd from North’s point of view.

Despite the US officials claim, war games involving Japan and South Korea have not been provocative. They have certainly intimated Kim. When the United States tested its missile capability by intercepting a fake nuclear bomb, it enraged Kim for sure. His reaction has not been irrational if one looks into the threat posed by these joint exercises aimed at containing North Korean threat.

Recent attempts by the US administration to convince China and Russia to deprive and isolate economically is nothing new. US have already put sanctions on NK which are reminiscent of its design adopted in Chile against Allende and Saddam in Iraq.

Naomi Klein in an attempt to unleash the murky secrets of US reveals that the 1975 Senate investigation proved that Allende was no threat to democracy. The UN and US inspectors collectively spent $1 billion searching 1,700 sites and declared that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The US sells lies to justify its war acts. A country which brackets trade unions and terrorist in the same folder; the war on terror is more a war on hindrances to American progression and interests.

It is a regular practice of the US to dismantle communist and socialist regimes. America’s record in Chile, Argentine, Mexico, and Uruguay is appalling when it comes to its possessiveness with capitalism and free-market ideology.

Who gave America a right to meddle with the internal affairs of every country? The US is hungry to maintain its hegemony adopts whichever means are necessary to brutally dismantle or slowly play with the minds hoping to change the ideology to bring it on par with American capitalist mindset. Capturing or securing resources to ensure the huge profit margins for its corporates, presidents (strongly linked with corporates) together with proponent of free markets have been continuously waging wars with Latin American countries, the Korean peninsula, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.

America appears to be desperate to change the regime in North Korea . If US, Russia, China, and others can produce the modern nuclear weapons to ensure sovereignty, why can't North Korea ? Ongoing, speedy progression of North Korea to achieve the intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons can give it much assurance that the US will not dare attack.  

Besides, by launching the missiles over Japan, Pyongyang sends a clear message that in case of an aggressive move from the US (which threatens NK's sovereignty) will prove deadly for Japan and South Korea. Japan and South Korea have their missile-defence systems in place, but they have not been proved entirely successful in their testing. This costly move can put US allies on the line. Any attack on Pyongyang will result in an inevitable destruction of Seoul and Tokyo.

Historical facts and consciousness of US intentions may have convinced Kim Jong-un that offensive is the only way to stop American from intimidating NK.

After killing one-third of Koreans in 1950's and very nearly crushing them with nuclear weapons. American threat can't be perceived lightly by Kim. Though, the world has seen total transformation since 1950's and with it American power has immensely enlarged.

Kim knows well when the US can kill half a million children in Iraq through economic sanctions, if it can backstab Saddam creating unrest through igniting sectarian violence in Iraq, if it can kill thousands in Korea peninsula, if it can unleash the terror of epic proportion in Latin American countries for shifting left and implementing socialist policies, if it can attack Afghanistan for resources, and make it highly unstable resulting in carnage in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, if it can begin supporting armed opposition forces in Syria, and continue proxy wars, it can indeed attack North. In such circumstances there are minimal options for him?

The US with the ability to extinct NK existence offers a license to Pyongyang to continue its attempts to make the ultimate weapon.

NK knows freedom has no price and it is willing to continue its offensive as it has no other choice. The current status of its bomb and ballistic missiles is (maybe) enough to bring the US and its allies to a negotiating table and resolve the issue diplomatically. Otherwise, fire and fury will prove fatal for the world.