“In 36 years of investigation, I’ve never come across a murder of this nature using a nail gun.”

–Superintendent Geoff Beresford

working on this case

 A 27 year old Chinese man, by the name of Anthony or Chen Liu, was discovered dead in Sydney on November 1st in the year of 2008. A friend reported him missing, while the body was discovered decomposed dumped in a river two weeks after the report was filed. The body was discovered by two children, aged 9 and 14, who claimed to have seen a body by Oatley Bay while they were on a canoeing trip and instantly informed their parents.

The New South Wales police revealed an x-ray of the deceased’s body showing very clearly the cause of his death. Chen Liu was brutally murdered using an 85 mm nail gun, with 34 nails embedded in his skull and neck, fired at a very close range. The weapon however, was never recovered and the killer also remained uncaught. Anthony Liu came to Australia over a student visa in early 2000 from China and shifted to Sydney, this remains the only information revealed by the police over this case, leaving out family whereabouts in terms of avoiding them from being put in danger.